Anonymous asked:
I'm freaking out! I just lost my wallet when I went out to do dinner tonight and noticed it was gone. I had my ID and EDC ticket inside of it. is there anything I can do? ): Can I get a replacement and prove that I'm 18 any way? please help I dont want to miss the event and have my good money go to waist ):

email groovetickets and tell them you lost the card or call them, they will cancel that edc ticket probably and put you on will call. is there any other way you can show that you are 18? like a passport? email insomniac. 

Anonymous asked:
What should i wear as a male to EDC all the girls have wild costumes, but what about the males.

wear anything you want! a lot of my guy friends are going in shorts and tanks

Anonymous asked:
can i get into edc with a receipt of my drivers license and a costco card?

i dont think so. do you have a passport?

email insomniac. 

Anonymous asked:
So, exactly how are we supposed to use these shuttle passes? Is it supposed to be like a bracelet or something? It looks so janky. Lol

Haha! We don’t know we didn’t get a shuttle pass!! You prob just wear it all weekend and show it when you board the bus!

Anonymous asked:
are the carnival rides for free? I heard some of them aren't

There is a ferris wheel that only VIP can access.

Anonymous asked:
So I have a problem with my shuttle passes that I ordered. Long story short I ordered 2 passes but only got 1 in the mail. I've emailed every help email address I could find at least three times for weeks now and they still haven't answered me. Do you know if there is any other way of contacting them? It's really stressing me out.


if you havent already.

i would call 1-855-2-FLAVOR (352867) that number as well

Hey can you please promo this link for my friend to help him win his chance to play a live set at EDC Las Vegas? It’s his dream and he truly has potential. I just want more people to listen and support (: if not it’s totally fine.

dinohunter-rawr asked:
What is the video that pasquale rotella is releasing, and is it anything like the one on the EDC website?

its the edc vegas trailer.. like the ones in the past not like the edc 2012 date announcement video. 

Anonymous asked:
Are you going to post the times the artists are playing right when they come out? Because I'll admit I check Tumblr more often than the EDC website and I want to know as soon as they're released haha

yes we willl if one of us is online we all have jobs tho! so as soon as we can

brittanylovely asked:
you told an anon that we were not allowed to bring in camelbaks but the site clearly says they are allowed!

yeah because they changed that! we even posted a screenshot of that being changed a while back haha…


what day are you heading out to vegas!!?